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Call for 1+1 year post-doc position, University of Naples Federico II

Written by Luca Jaselli on March 6, 2020.

This is a call for 1+1 year post-doc position at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Naples Federico II. The post-doc researcher will contribute, together with one PhD student, 2 senior researchers and some MSc students, to the study of carbonate platform sections across the major Mesozoic perturbations of the carbon cycle. The project is part of a 3-years (November 2019–October 2022) national research project entitled “Biota Resilience to global change: biomineralization of planktic and benthic calcifiers in the past, present and future” (P.I.: Elisabetta Erba, University of Milan).

A short draft of the research project is given in the attached pdf.

The call (Rif. DiSTAR 2/2020), and the instructions to apply, are available here

The deadline for applications is April 24. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed on May 14. The selected candidate is expected to start working not later than June or July 2020.

Perspective candidates are encouraged to contact me for further details on the project and for any further information on our Department and on life in Naples. I would like to highlight that Naples is one of the most wonderful towns in Italy. Its landscape and cultural heritage are fantastic, and the living costs are reasonably low, compared to other big towns in Italy and western Europe. The University of Naples Federico II is one of the most ancient in the world and hosts a lively international community. Please have a look at this video for a presentation

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