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Congress SIMP-SGI-SOGEI 2019 - Call for abstract Session P15

Written by Marco Cherin on May 6, 2019.

Parma, 16-19 settembre, 2019; WEBSITE,

Session P15. Geobiology: Biosphere-Earth interactions

Co-organized by SPI

Deadline for abstract submission: May 20, 2019.

Conveners: Roberto Barbieri (Bologna), Cesare Corselli (Milano Bicocca)

The biosphere-geosphere interaction begins when the first living organism appears in the waters of the planet. This phenomenon has continued to modify the Earth's surface, bringing it to the current ecosystem status. In the last years there has been a reconsideration of the role of biota (especially microorganisms) in influencing geological, environmental, and climatological dynamics over varying spatial and temporal scales. This is the field of geobiology a rapidly advancing field that aims at understanding the many interrelations between physical processes and organisms in different environmental settings, from subaerial to marine, and down to the deep drilled rocks. The interactions occurring between geosphere and biosphere may also provide clues for deciphering evolutionary events experienced by the early life. We solicit presentations from the broad spectrum of geological, biological and geochemical themes that approach the study of geobiology for understanding the fossil record and what it can detect about the history of life on Earth. Space exploration is also opening up new scenarios where geobiology could play a significant role.

(partially in English)