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BSPI will have a new outlook and a new, higher impact

Written by Stefano Dominici on June 26, 2015.

The upcoming issue of the “Bollettino della Società Paleontologica Italiana” will have a new look. Our Technical Editor, Michele Mazza, has redesigned the cover while retaining some of the former style and colour, the symbol of the Italian Palaeontological Society will be incorporated as the background of the whole page. More emphasis is given to the acronym of the journal, BSPI, in order to create an easily recognizable symbol of our Bollettino for a wider international audience. Furthermore, each issue cover will include an illustration of one of the specimens described inside. The name of the founder, Eugenia Montanaro Gallitelli, is also now present on the cover.

Forthcoming issues will host BSPI Invited Papers as specifically requested contributions from esteemed specialists in various aspects of Palaeontology. The full content of these papers will be available online in open access also to non-members of the Italian Palaeontological Society. BSPI Short Notes and BSPI Special Issues will continue to run alongside normal contributions. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit as supplementary online material (supplementary text, background datasets, high-resolution images, extensive tables or listings, sound and movie files, animations and more) any additional information for online distribution that may support and enhance their research.

Starting from this year, the BSPI is increasing the number of printed pages per year. Hopefully this decision, taken by the board of the SPI, will encourage authors to submit manuscripts to BSPI.

Thompson Reuters has just released the Journal Citation Reports 2014 and the BSPI has been assigned an Impact Factor of 0.953.

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