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Stratigrafia del Paleozoico di Gondwana (Congresso in lingua inglese)

13 aprile 201616 aprile 2016

The International Congress on “Palaeozoic stratigraphy of Gondwana” (ICPSG) will be held in Perugia (Italy) on April 14-16, 2016. The Congress is organized jointly by the Department of Physics and Geology (University of Perugia, Italy) and Arianzamin Pars Geological Center of Teheran, Iran (APGC). It will be addressed to promote interdisciplinary approaches, to make the state-of-the-art and to expand the knowledge on the Palaeozoic Gondwana realm. The Congress aims to provide an opportunity for constructive interactions between academia and industry in exchanging ideas, perspectives and challenges.

The congress will cover a wide range of topics about Gondwana Palaeozoic successions. The main subjects of the congress will be: Stratigraphy, Palaeontology and Biozonation, Basin Analysis, Geochemistry, Hydrocarbon maturity, Geodynamic, Palaeogeography.

The congress will be held at Hotel Giò – Perugia Congress Centre inside the Hotel Giò, with 206 rooms, 26 meeting rooms and Auditorium seating for up to 700 places.

English will be the official language of the meeting. No translation facilities will be available.

Extended deadline for the presentation of abstracts: 15 January, 2016.

Organizing Commettee

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The conference will host the International Workshop on PALAEOZOIC SMALLER FORAMINIFERA

Organizers: Daniel Vachard (President; University of Lille, France), Demir Altiner (Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey), Roberto Rettori (University of Perugia, Italy).

The workshop will be held on April 13rd in a pre-Congress session. Topics will focus on taxonomy, biostratigraphy, evolution and palaeobiogeography of Palaeozoic Smaller Foraminifera. The contributions will be published in the “Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia” (ISSN: 0035-6883; IF: 0.93) after peer review.

CIMP “Commission Internationale Microflore Paléozoïque” Special Session

Organizer: Amalia Spina (Department of Physics and Geology, University of Perugia).

This session will be held on April 15th. Topics will focus on taxonomy, biostratigraphy and palaeogeographic distribution of Palaeozoic Palynomorphs. The contributions will be published in the “Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology” (ISSN: 0034-6667; IF: 1.94) after peer review. Please send authors, provisional title and short abstract to amalia.spina@unipg.it before December 20th 2015.